Dive Deep into Swimming at Riverbend

On any given day at Riverbend, you can find campers splashing, diving, and practicing new swim strokes at the pool. Playing and cooling off in the pool is a camp favorite for the kids, but Camp Riverbend’s swim program offers more than just a refreshing break from the heat. Riverbend campers swim twice each day – instructional swim (or I-Swim) in the morning and free swim in the afternoon. Our trained swim instructors teach campers skills ranging from holding their breath under water to perfecting the butterfly stroke. This combination of instruction and free time is ideal for campers and also for parents who love to see their children making progress in the pool!

At the beginning of a camper’s stay at Riverbend, our swim staff makes an evaluation, to make sure that he or she receives the most appropriate and suitable instruction according to their current swim abilities. Campers are categorized into one of eleven categories: minnow, dolphin, bass, goldfish, sunfish, stingray, starfish, swordfish, shark, whale, and barracuda. Once they are placed in a specific swim level, their assigned swim instructor teaches them important new skills to master, whether it’s something like the freestyle stroke or how to dive. Our swim instructors break down the techniques campers need to learn into various exercises and drills, to help campers learn master these skills. Often times, campers first learn how to swim at Camp Riverbend!

In addition to the I-Swim that campers attend in the morning, everyone loves free swim! Campers have a blast playing with their friends, soaring down the slides, and jumping off the diving board. Pool time is essential at Camp Riverbend, especially on hot summer days! Ask your child what they’ve learned during I-Swim this summer, and hopefully they can show you as well!

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