Soundtrack to Summer

Songs are a major part of the Riverbend summer soundtrack! That’s why every morning at assembly you can hear Assistant Director Paul and Brian from Spirit leading the camp in “Found a Peanut” or “Threw it Out the Window” – two classics well-loved by campers and staff alike. Even when moving from one activity to the next, campers are belting out “The Cat Came Back” and “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” for all to hear. Songs at Camp Riverbend are used to welcome and unite campers. They’re an important tradition and pastime at Riverbend, which is evident in the enthusiasm on campers’ faces when someone says, “It’s time for a song!”

At the beginning of each week, new campers are welcomed with “We Welcome You to Riverbend.” Campers and counselors join together as they sing the lyrics in unison, welcoming the new kids to Riverbend. Campers also sing around a campfire during overnights and Late Nights.  You may recognize these classic lyrics: “Day is done, gone the sun, from the lakes, from the hills, from the sky….All is well, safely rest, God is nigh,” from the well-known “Taps.” Our campers and counselors are always humming or singing their favorites, making this tradition such a rich and important aspect of Riverbend.

Harold Breene, the founder of Camp Riverbend, says that songs have always been a part of Camp and that perhaps the tradition could be attributed to the “Eagle Scout in [him].” If you hear your child humming a camp tune, head on over to the Camp Riverbend song book ( or ask us to send you a CD filled with all of these classic songs so you can sing along too!

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