What to ask your child when they return home each day

Camp Riverbend provides a variety of activities and facilities for campers – from canoeing on the Passaic River to zip-lining at high ropes. Along with these features, Camp Riverbend offers kids opportunities to start new friendships and make memories that last a lifetime. Camp is a place where your kids will have fun, make friends, and try new things. With all these great events happening at Riverbend, your child should have plenty of exciting news to share upon arriving home!

Just a warning: if you ask your child “what did you do at camp?” they will most likely respond “nothing.” Campers are tired at the end of the day, so this is understandable. However, a way to get around this dead-end answer is asking a specific question. Don’t ask a “yes or no” question; ask them about something they have to elaborate on. If you know what your child did that day, perhaps through the daily schedules available on the website, inquire about a certain activity. If you see that your child had lanyard, ask them if they could show you some of the different stitches they’ve learned or ask them what type of strokes they’ve been learning at the pool.

Other great sources of information about what your child is doing at Camp are the photos and videos posted on the website and sent to the parents. These can also be ideal for bonding with your child; viewing the photos and videos of your child’s group as a weekly ritual can be a perfect way to start a conversation with them about what they’ve been doing at Camp. Campers, depending on their age and mood, can be reluctant to tell you about their day. But with these tips, hopefully your child will be more willing to talk about the wonderful fun they’ve been having at Camp Riverbend!

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