What’s going on in Performing Arts?

Performing Arts for campers at Riverbend is all about expressing themselves
– whether it’s through singing, dancing, or acting. Ann, the Performance
specialist, uses rhythm sticks and various instruments for the music aspect
of Performance. Along with working on rhythm with the kids, Ann incorporates
drama and improvisation.
So far, groups at Performance have acted out several skits such as the
“Invisible Bench”, “Making Soup”, and “Movie Theatre” sketches. Campers in
the group are usually given a prompt by Ann and then they creatively
elaborate. Younger kids in the Clubhouse Division have had a blast with the
“Big Marching Band Parade.” The kids are given instruments and they parade
around camp in marching band formation, shaking maracas and banging on drums
for all to hear!
“Tracking” is an opportunity for kids in E Division with an interest in
performing arts to express themselves even further. Just last week campers
performed an original play called “Thriller” along with a dance to said song
by Michael Jackson. This week’s tracking campers are currently working on
another original work called “Wizards Club” which incorporates magic into
Campers who visit Performing Arts with Ann are given the chance to be
creative and have fun. The campers enjoy acting out skits with their friends
and learning to play instruments – such as the glockenspiel which will be
featured in during the weeks to come! Ann will also be incorporating magic
into her activities in the upcoming weeks at Camp. Ask your kids what they
enjoy most about Performance.

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