2014 Season – Week 1 & Week 2 recap

Can you believe we have already finished 2 weeks of the Camp Riverbend 2014 season? We know that you get the newsletters each week, but wanted to give a little recap of the past two weeks here, as well.

Our 2014 season started off with great summer weather. There was a definite sigh of relief from those who were there for the unusual weather we had during Opening Day last year. The rain threatened a few days during week 1, but we managed to make it through the whole first week without resorting to rainy day locations and activities.

As we do every Monday, we greeted our new campers with the Camp Riverbend song. A change this year is that we also have our Spirit Leader, Brian, joining the Camp directors on stage at the benches both in the morning and the afternoon to help rev up that camp spirit.

Brian led the cheers for USA soccer!

Brian led the cheers for USA soccer!

Week 1 Wacky Wednesday was Stars & Stripes Day.  It was great to see all the campers and staff members in their most patriotic gear. It definitely helped that the USA was playing in the World Cup later that afternoon and that our week was ending with Independence Day!  Our week ended on Thursday with shouts of, “Robin, Robin” for which she gave us one cartwheel!

Week 2 was a hot one!  Or maybe it was the humidity?  Either way, we all made sure the campers stay hydrated and cool, with extra pool time some days and chances to cool off in the spray park.  Tracking and Super Choice began for the older campers, as well as after lunch clubs.  Wacky Wednesday during week 2 was a fun one…Mustache Day!  We saw some great ones, as well as some funny ones.  The puns about mustaches being bantered about were great, too.  Overheard: I mustache you a question.  Oh, shave it for later.  It was also Give-A-Get-A week at Camp Riverbend.  When Group Heads caught counselors, groups, and campers doing kind deeds, they gave them tokens.  The tokens were handed in at the end of the week for prizes. The B Division ended up having the most tokens because they pooled them all together. Good team work B Division!

We can’t forget that the Fuzzy Fanugies made a showing this week.  Did your camper get to show our camp mascots around this past week? If you missed it, we re-posted the Legend of the Fuzzy Fanugie.

Robin did 2 cartwheels at the end of Week 2!

Robin did 2 cartwheels at the end of Week 2!

Week 2 ended with 2 cartwheels from Robin.  It was a great week, indeed!



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