The Legend of the Fuzzy Fanugie

We first told you about our special mascots, the Fuzzy Fanugies, about a year ago. They have come out again and are visiting with different groups every day. Here is the Legend of the Fuzzy Fanugie in case you missed it the first time around!

Camp Riverbend

The Fuzzy Fanugie is a special creature that you might be able to spot at Camp Riverbend. A Fanugie is shy at first, but very cuddly once it gets to know you. This summer, each camp group will host a Fuzzy Fanugie for a few days. Children will share their camp adventures with one of our three Fuzzy Fanugies!
But how did the Fuzzy Fanugie first come to Camp Riverbend? Here’s the story…
Many years ago, before Camp Riverbend started, Harold Breene came here to look over the land. He was hoping to start a camp of his own and wanted to explore. He brought a tent and sleeping bag because he wanted to walk over every inch of the land and he didn’t know how long it would take him.
During the long day, Mr. Breene saw the Passaic River and how gently it flows. “What a great place…

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