What will your camper need this summer?

The Sunday newspaper was full of advertisements for sunscreen and other summer time necessities which got us to thinking.  Do you like to be prepared well ahead of time?  Or maybe you like to shop the deals and steals?  If one or both of those descriptions fits you, it might be a good time to find out what your camper will need at Camp Riverbend.

We will start with the basics.  PLEASE remember to label everything with your child’s name.  Mabel’s labels has a camp pack, as well as many other options.  There is also a permanent laundry stamp or a fabric marker.

  • A good backpack or duffle bag of some sort is necessary for your camper to carry everything to and from camp each day.  Make sure it can fit everything in it!  A hint for our youngest campers, they should be able to carry it independently, so it should not be too big.  We do sell some in our camp store, which will be open during Camp Orientation Day.
  • 2 towels and 2 bathing suits PER day.  You might be asking yourself why your camper needs 2 of each per day.  Campers have swimming twice per day.  In the morning they have swim lessons.  The campers change into their 2nd (dry) bathing suit at the end of lessons.  After afternoon free swim they change into their regular clothes that they will wear for the remainder of the day, and home on the bus.
  • Change of clothes, including undergarments and socks.   For the aforementioned final clothing change of the day.
  • Water shoes, or other shoes to wear to/from the pool and other water activities.  Some campers wear water shoes, some sneakers all day, while others wear crocs, or similar shoes.  Make sure that your child can take them on and off easily, like slip-on or velcro closure shoes.  On rainy days we even see rain boots because camp gets quite muddy.  Rest assured whatever shoes are worn will get dirty!
  • Lunch and a water bottle  Camp Riverbend has water available freely for the campers, however, you may want to send a water bottle in.  Lunch should be packed and labeled.  It will be stored in a refrigerator, so no need to worry about that.  We have lots of fun lunch ideas over on our Pinterest page.  If you don’t want to pack lunch, we teamed up with Simply Gourmet Lunches to create a catered lunch program.
  • Sunscreen, bug spray, lip balm, etc. We ask that you apply sunscreen to your child before they get on the bus in the morning.  We will help them or remind them to reapply when they change into their 2nd bathing suit.  We do have sunscreen and bug spray at camp, but some families prefer to send their own.  If you do, please send it marked with your child’s name.

We hope that this list is enough to get you started.  If you have not registered for Camp Riverbend yet, please join us for our final Camp Riverbend Open House of the season: Saturday May 3 (11:00 am – 2:00 pm) Parents and children can try their hands at lots of fun Riverbend activities, including games, crafts, cooking and more, run by Camp Riverbend counselors. Take a tour of the camp site with our directors. Drop in anytime between 11 and 2.  This is also the last day you can take advantage of our early bird discount.  RSVP is required to miriam@campriverbend.com or 908-580-CAMP.



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