Chocolate Cookie Bark


I sprinkled some of the cookies into the top of the bark, too!

In our latest newsletter edition of The Riverbender, there was a recipe for Chocolate Cookie Bark. I thought this would make a great edition to the traditional cookies I make every Christmas to give to friends and neighbors.  It looked super easy and FAST!  And because this is Camp Riverbend’s blog, I wanted to do this with my camper, just to see how kid-friendly it was.


Breaking cookies is definitely a kid-friendly activity!


After the vanilla!

I can tell you that breaking up cookies was a huge hit with my young camper.  Especially since chocolate sandwich cookies are used, as they get pretty messy!  While she was breaking up cookies, I was busy lining the pan with waxed paper.  The recipe calls for cooking spray, but I didn’t have any so I used a smidge of coconut oil and it worked just fine.  I melted the chips in the microwave, following the decorations on the package.  The recipe then calls for adding a teaspoon of vanilla extract after the chips are melted.  I did.  And then this happened.   So.  I threw that batch in the trash.  Cleaned out the bowl, and started over.  Luckily I had more chocolate chips!  I did try to save it by adding a tablespoon of cream and reheating it, but it was apparent that there was no saving it.

creamy, melty chocolate chips

creamy, melty chocolate chips

Round 2 and we finally, we had creamy melted chocolate.  I decided to forego the vanilla extract, since I have no idea why it did what it did.  Confession…I reserved a little of the melted chocolate for some dried apricots.  Yum!

I took the cookies that my daughter was breaking, and gently folded them into the melted chocolate.    The mixture then got poured into the prepared pan and put in the fridge for an hour.  She was a little zealous in her cookie breaking, so I pressed some of the extra into the top of the mixture before putting it in the fridge.

The results are delicious!  I think they will make a good edition to the holiday cookies.  You could even package them up to give as a gift all on their own.  There are tons of variations that you can play with.  There are seasonal sandwich cookie flavors, mint ones, vanilla ones.  You can use white chocolate chips or any you wish to try!

The finished bars

The finished bars

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3 Responses to Chocolate Cookie Bark

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  2. Camp Riverbend says:

    Just an FYI…the sandwich cookies on top did not survive being sliced very well. Next time I will not put anything on top that doesn’t get cut easily. I was thinking crushed candy canes might work!

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