Are you ready for camp?

In case this is your camper’s first week of camp, here are some reminders!

Camp Riverbend

Camp Riverbend begins Monday, July 1st.  Are you ready?  Or are you feeling slightly panicky at the thought of the bus coming Monday morning and having everything ready?  Here are some tips to make sure you are ready come bus pick-up time.

  • Have everything packed the night before to minimize the morning rush.
  • Make sure everything is labeled with your child’s last name and first initial.
  • Pack 2 towels, a 2nd bathing suit, and a change of clothes.
  • A water bottle, for frequent hydrating through the day.  (There are tons of water coolers and water fountains for refilling.)
  • An extra sunscreen, also labeled.  This will probably stay at camp.
  • Any other items that will make your camper make comfortable, like a sun hat, sunglasses, etc.
  • Lunch – are you packing or ordering?  Make sure you set up your account and order the lunch in the timeframe suggested.
  • Your camper should…

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