We’re halfway through!

We’re halfway there!  On one hand, knowing the 2013 Camp Riverbend season is half over brings a sigh of relief.  We have made it through a tornado, lots of rain, followed by extreme heat.  That is a lot to have had conquer in only 3 1/2 weeks of summer camp!

On the other hand, camp holds such a special place and time in all of our lives that we want the awesomeness to last as long as it can.   Being at Camp Riverbend does not only benefit the campers.  The counselors and other staff also gain so much from our time here.  There are many counselors who are teachers in our “real lives” but being a camp counselor helps us enjoy spending time with children in a way that is completely different than teaching, yet reminds us of why we do.   For our college-aged counselors, it often gives them a chance to help prepare for a life of teaching.  Regardless of how we find ourselves working at Camp Riverbend, there is a reason so many of us stay year after year.

We look forward to the next half of the 2013 season… to welcoming our campers off the busses in the morning, singing songs with them at assembly, watching them grow.  It’s going to be a great few weeks!

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