The Week of the Heat Wave

In NJ, where Camp Riverbend is located, we have been going through a week-long heat wave.  As you can imagine, keeping campers and staff safe in those kind of extreme real-feel temperatures is of upmost importance.  We made it through the week in stellar fashion, not letting a little bit (okay, a lot) of heat get us down.

So what did we do?  Camp directors reminded campers and counselors alike to stay hydrated at multiple watering stations, as well as reapply sunscreen many times throughout the day.  On the hottest days, outdoor activities were brought inside to the air conditioned buildings, like the Big Barn and the auditorium.  Campers had their usual instructional swim in the morning, followed by free swim in the afternoon.  They were also able to stop into the sprinkler park  or the cooling station in the auditorium for a cool off on their way to another activity.

The camp directors had a brilliantly cool idea that helped us beat the heat on Thursday and Friday.  Small towels were placed in coolers of ice water and driven to locations around camp on golf carts.  Campers and counselors used them to cool down their necks and foreheads.  Once they were used, they were collected, washed, and dunked back into the ice water.  They certainly did the trick of cooling down campers and counselors!

We are hoping that this week is a little cooler than last.  During week 4 we will pass our halfway point of the season, and there are lots of fun activities planned!  For a great example of how Riverbenders have fun, no matter the weather, check out this video on our facebook page!

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