Week 2 – 2013 Season

Week 2 at Camp Riverbend was much drier than Week 1, and for that we were grateful.  We still had some rain showers here and there, but summer heat prevailed.  Campers were happy to have I-swim (instructional swim), free swim, and sprinkler park time so they could cool off!

On Wednesday there was a Gold Rush at Camp Riverbend!  Campers spent the day looking for “gold nuggets” among the stones and rocks as they traveled from activity to activity.  On Friday there was an amazing Bubble Show we all got to see.  Even the counselors were amazed at some of the tricks that can be done with bubbles!

The Fuzzy Fanugies continued to spend time with different groups, learning new things and getting to know all the campers.  We think the campers are having fun with the fuzzy fanugies!

Overall, smiles and laughter were seen and heard throughout Camp Riverbend.  We cannot wait to see what Week 3 brings us!  If your camper is just starting their time with us this week, check out some of our past posts to help you get ready! Start with how we begin our day at Camp Riverbend.  It’s not too late…join us at Camp Riverbend this summer!

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