Rolling Right Along

We are halfway through the 2nd week of the 2013 season at Camp Riverbend and so far it has been great!  After the excitement of our first day, we have gotten into a good rhythm.  The rain of last week has, for the most part, moved on, even if we do get the occassional drizzle. There were a lot of skyward-looking eyes this afternoon to see if a rainbow would be spotted during the sun shower.

We have a lot more campers this 2nd week of camp than last, and they have all settled into their groups.  It is great to see campers getting reacquainted with their friends from last year, while making new friends, too!  As always, please let your camper’s counselor know of any concerns you have, so that they can be addressed.  

A big thank you goes to all of our Facebook fans.  We love seeing all your comments, especially about the favorite activity of the day!

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