Who are the Camp Riverbend counselors?

“A camp is only as good as its counselors.”  We are proud of our staff of enthusiastic, dedicated and creative teachers and college students.  – from the Camp Riverbend website

By now you probably know a lot about Camp Riverbend.  One of the first things people realize is that Camp Riverbend was founded and is still run today by the Breene family.  The Breenes are dedicated to finding quality staff to work as counselors, and there are many counselors who come back year after year.

In order to become a counselor at Camp Riverbend, you must be at least entering college.  There are many college students, especially those pursuing education, who come to work for us in the summer.  We even have many former campers who return as counselors when they reach of age.

However, a large number of our staff members are full-time teachers during the school year.  We have teachers of history, english, art, phys. ed., preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school, and more.  The wide range of backgrounds, knowledge, and interests of our counselors helps feed the curiosity and creativity of our campers.

We have extensive mandatory staff training which takes place about a week before camp begins.  The staff bonds together to become a more cohesive unit, and take place in many training sessions.  Our counselors return, year after year, because they love Camp Riverbend.  Perhaps more importantly, they love working with children.  They have as much fun at camp as the campers, and we think it shows.

It’s not too late to register for camp!  Contact us today!


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