Family Time

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” ― Plato

At Camp Riverbend, we care about our camp families and are always on the lookout for things that might be of interest to you.  While searching the blogosphere for some fun family activities to share with you all this morning, I stumbled across a website called The Happy Family Movement.  The Happy Family Movement has something they call the 2013 Summer Bucket List Challenge.  This is what they say about why they do this.

We decided that we want to be the kind of people who DO things, instead of the kind of people who TALK about doing things and never do them. We decided to be intentional about our time together over the summer… and that made all the difference. – The Solars on Our 2013 Summer Bucket List

So that got me to thinking about what our campers and their families do when they are not at Camp Riverbend.  Some of our campers have some amazing summer adventures when they are not at camp.  We get to hear all about them when they come back and they sound fun!  But not all adventures or summer bucket list items need to cost anything more than your time.  Watching a sunset together as a family?  Free!

Isn’t creating a summer bucket list a great idea? We probably all have some ideas of things we want to do over the summer, but we don’t necessarily write them down.  And then what happens?  Well, if your family is like most families, some things get done but others get put on the back burner or even forgotten altogether.

Let’s create our own 2013 summer bucket lists.  Be creative!  Put them on a poster or a cork board.  Decorate it, or just write down your family’s ideas.  Check them off as you do them!  It’s all about creating memories with your family.  In this fast-paced world, we sometimes need to take time out to do just be with our family.

One thing you can do is visit your child at Camp Riverbend.  The Clubhouse division does have family days, but families can visit most any day.  Think of how excited your child will be to see you!


A: Yes! We are happy to open our doors to parents (and grandparents and baby brothers and aunts) almost every day of Camp. There is no parent visitation on the following days: July 1, July 26, August 15 or August 16, 2013. We also ask that you not visit during lunch, 12:00 – 1:00 pm. (from our FAQ)

Whatever you decide to do this summer, we hope that you have fun!  If you decide to make a bucket list, come back here and tell us about it, or post a picture on our Facebook page, to our Twitter feed, or to our Pinterest boards.  We can’t wait to hear about your summers, and hope that they include Camp Riverbend!

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