Rainy Days at Camp Riverbend

We have had a lot of rain over the past 24 hours Tropical Storm Andrea moving up the coast.  In our area of the country, hot summer days can often lead to thunderstorms and soaking rains.  There are also a few days that might start off with rain!  

So what is a Riverbend camper or counselor to do?  We carry on!  On rainy days we often see campers wearing rain boots instead of sneakers and ponchos that can cover backpacks and store easily, if needed. Water activities are postponed with any thunder storms, including swimming and canoeing.  Lunch is eaten at their previous activity’s location, as is afternoon ice cream.  

If it is raining as the campers get off their buses, counselors direct them to where their group is located, not to the benches.  The Clubhouse campers go directly to their cabins, and groups generally go to their locker rooms.  Many activities we have are sheltered from the rain.  Those that are not are either moved inside, or alternate activities are planned in one of the many indoor spaces.  If it is raining at the end of the day, the campers get dismissed directly to their buses.  Never worry, buses never leave the camp grounds until every camper is where they are supposed to be.  More on that will come in another post.  

Honestly, we have such great campers and counselors, that a little rain doesn’t get in the way of our fun.  We, of course, hope that we don’t have too many rainy camp days, but we know that whatever comes our way will be taken in Camp Riverbend stride.  

*Registration is still ongoing.  

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