The Camp Nurse

Our Camp Nurse

We are coming to the end of May, but it is worth it to note that it is Asthma Awareness Month.  Statistics show that one out of every ten school-aged child has asthma.  Since our campers are almost all school-aged, this is important information for us here at Camp Riverbend.  This is why it is so important for the camp to have all the medical forms* and medicine needed for your camper, so we can properly assist your child during an asthma attack, or any medical situation.

One place most campers visit at least once during their Camp Riverbend experience is the Nurse’s office.  Cuts and bruises, headaches, bug bites, and yes, asthma attacks are only a few of the reasons why your child might visit the Nurse this summer.  We have a full time registered nurse on staff who is trained in evaluating and treating an array of illnesses.  She also administers all medication (prescription and over-the-counter, according to parental pre-authorization) to campers who require it during the day.  Being a mom herself, she is also terrific at administering some TLC when that is what’s needed!

Another common medical concern is allergies.  Camp Riverbend is “allergy aware” and can provide snack and cooking projects for campers with allergies to dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, and other foods/ingredients.  We do not serve any food items that contain nuts.  But because many campers bring their own lunches from home, we can not guarantee that Camp is nut free.  Our Chef’s Corner (formerly known as Passport) as well as our Clubouse Cooking Program check and double check with the Nurse, the counselors, and the campers themselves to make sure ingredients are safe for them to eat and handle.   It is so important for you, as parents, to communicate your child’s dietary concerns to both the nurse and the group counselor so that we can keep all the campers as safe as possible.

We hope that your camper will not need the Nurse’s Office for anything serious this summer, but we hope that you are comforted by the fact that she is prepared to handle anything that comes her way.

*From our website:

The New Jersey State Youth Camp Safety Act and the American Camp Association require every camper to have a medical form signed by a physician.  Medical forms are due to camp by June 1.  Your child does not need a doctor’s exam just for this purpose.  The doctor can fill out our form based on any physical any time after June 1, 2012.  A parent’s signature is also required on the medical form; we must have your written permission to treat your child if he or she is sick or injured at Camp.

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