Nervous about camp?

Congratulations!  You’ve made the decision to send your child to Camp Riverbend.  Especially if it is your child’s first time at summer camp, there may be some trepidation on your part and his or hers.  This is a natural feeling, but we have some tips to help you both feel more comfortable.

  • Talk to your child about camp and ask them how he or she feels.  Acknowledge any feelings he or she has and that it is okay to feel nervous.
  • Role play situations that might arise – introducing yourself, asking about the bathroom, etc.  Remind them that he can always speak to his counselor.
  • Speak to the camp, including the counselors, about any special needs your child may have.  Whether it is a dietary concern or trouble making friends, we want to help!
  • Pack your child’s backpack together a few days before camp begins.  Make sure everything is labeled with their first initial and last name.  Show her what you are packing and where it goes in the backpack.
  • Decide what you will send for lunch, or if you will be purchasing the lunch from the catering company.
  • Remember that your child will have had a long day, and will most likely be hungry and tired when he or she gets home.  Use our Facebook Page and Twitter feed for conversation starters once they have had a snack and a few minutes to decompress after the camp day.
  • Plan to come to our New Camper Orientation Day (Saturday, June 22) or Welcome Day (Sunday, June 23). You and your child will see Camp, meet other children and meet your child’s counselors. More details will be sent to registered families about these events very soon.
  • Lastly, remember it is natural to miss your child, and for he or she to miss you, and that is okay.  Your child will thrive at Camp Riverbend!  The American Camp Association recently published an article about why kids flourish at summer camp.

For these and more tips for parents, please visit the Camp Riverbend website.  We look forward to meeting you and your child soon!

Edited to add: You should have received an email with Welcome Weekend information by now.  Don’t forget to RSVP to New Camper Orientation Day, if you are attending.  Lastly, don’t forget about those medical forms!!!

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