a glimpse of the pools

a glimpse of the pools

As we get closer and closer to July 1st, we will be blogging about the different activities in which your children will be participating.  We want you to know just how much fun they will be having, as well as what they will be learning.  We are starting with the activity that we find is one of the favorites – swimming!

Learning how to put her head in the water.  The water is about 1 foot here.

Learning how to put her head in the water. The water is about 1 foot here.

At Camp Riverbend we have 4 pools that are meticulously maintained.  They have different depths, from 1 foot to 11 feet, and your child is placed according to his or her needs and abilities.  The campers receive swimming lessons every morning.  Learning how to swim is an essential skill when children are around water.  The campers will learn how to be comfortable in water, but more importantly, they will learn how to be safe in the water.

Because safety is always of upmost importance, the campers are always closely monitored and watched by more than 20 experience lifeguards, regardless of whether it is lesson time or free play.  Our Waterfront Director is Robin Breene Hetrick, one of the daughters of the Founder/Directors, Harold and Marianne Breene.  She calms the nerves of first time parents and ensures that the pool operations run smoothly.

Learning how to swim is a skill that will serve your child well for his or her entire life.   The free swim period is a great time for the campers to cool off and enjoy time with friends in the afternoon.  Don’t forget, they need 2 bathing suits and 2 clean towels a day!

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