What’s for lunch?

Preparing lunches can be a very stressful ordeal for some families. I know it can be in this house! Some families do it the night before, some in the morning as they make the frantic dash to the school bus.  Some families purchase lunch for their children.  You might think that now that your child is going to summer camp, buying lunch is not an option.  However, you’re in luck!  Camp Riverbend contracts with a caterer called Simply Gourmet Lunches to provide prepared lunches delivered to camp each day.  Lunch costs about $4.50 a day and there are many options from which to choose.  Simply order ahead of time and the lunches are distributed to the campers at lunchtime when the rest of their group is eating.

If you are a family who makes your own lunches, you might be interested in what we have been finding over at Pinterest.  Some people are so clever when it comes to preparing and organizing their lunch and snacks.  What seems to be a really popular idea is to use a box with compartments or bento box to pack all the food.  I like the idea of expanding the brown bag sandwich lunch to include healthy options like brown rice and veggies, among other choices.  Another plus is that nothing gets squished when it has its own compartment.  And best of all?  The kids will LOVE it!

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