Beginning the Day at Camp Riverbend

camp picture

The benches are waiting for the campers !

At Camp Riverbend, we have three different programs, depending on the grade the camper is entering in the fall.  Our youngest campers, in preschool and kindergarten, are in the Clubhouse Division; grades 1-8 have the Riverbend experience; and Day trippers is available for those in grades 7-9.  However, each camper begins their day in the same way…at Morning Assembly.

Morning Assembly takes place after all the buses have arrived and dropped off the campers.  The campers proceed from the bus directly to the benches.  They sit by group, with the youngest sitting the closest to the stage.  The camp counselors and Mr. Breene lead the whole camp in camp songs.  Any pertinent information needed for the day is given out before the campers are sent on their way to their first activity.

As parents, you probably expect your child to find a sense of community and camaraderie within his or her group and that definitely happens.  What is great about the Morning Assembly is the sense of community it builds through the whole camp.   To hear the entire camp singing, “We welcome you to Riverbend” is just an awesome sound.  We can just feel the excitement of the day contained in those few minutes that everyone is singing together.

We Welcome You to Riverbend
We welcome you to Riverbend,
We’re mighty glad you’re here.
We’ll send the air reverberating,
With a mighty cheer, rah, rah!
We’ll sing you in, we’ll sing you out,
We’ll stuff your ears with sauerkrat!
Hail, hail the gang’s all here and you’re welcome to Riverbend!

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