Sun Safety

This past Saturday we had our Spring Open House at Camp Riverbend.  It was a beautiful day with quintessential Northern New Jersey spring weather.  The problem with that kind of breezy, sunny weather is that you don’t think about how much sun exposure you are getting.  It was not until much later that evening that I realized how sunburned the back of my neck was.  It was a reminder that today is as good a day as any to discuss sun safety.

At Camp Riverbend the safety of our campers is of upmost importance to us.  This includes sun safety.  We ask that campers apply sunscreen every morning before they get on the bus for camp.  This ensures that it is already on and working before they get here.  They reapply after swimming or the spray park, as well as after lunch.  The counselors assist the younger campers, of course, in reapplying.  The counselors will let you know if your child’s sunscreen needs replacing during the course of the summer.

On the hottest summer days the counselors are encouraged to keep the campers in cool, shaded areas and the spray park is open all day for cooling down.  Plenty of water is provided in many locations around the camp on all days.  This is a good reason to send a reusable water bottle labeled with your child’s name on it.  Hydration is essential to a safe summer at camp.  Becoming dehydrated can lead to headaches and dizziness, so it is imperative that our campers drink, drink, drink!

Camp Riverbend counselors and staff do everything they can to ensure that your child comes home to you in the same condition he or she left in the morning, albeit a little tired and a lot satisfied with how they’re summer is going!

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