Camp Riverbend and the environment

Yesterday was Earth Day.  I hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy our earth in some way or another.  I was doing some research on what Earth Day is, exactly.  It turns out that it is pretty much what I thought it was, a day to think about and take action on saving our environment.  It got me thinking about what a great job Camp Riverbend does at addressing environmental awareness with our campers.

It starts with our camp grounds.  If you have not been to our camp before, it is located on 30+ beautiful acres in Warren Township, NJ in Somerset County.  We have woods, fields, nature trails, and a wetlands sanctuary.  We are located right along the Passaic River where campers of all ages enjoy canoeing while exploring the river habitat.  One of the favorite activities of our campers is the Nature program.  They explore insects, birds, plants, and do basic science experiments.  Last year, for instance, they grew different herbs and vegetables.  It is a program that encourages campers to treasure the natural world and take care of it through conservation, recycling and smart energy use.

The American Camp Association, by which we are accredited,  wrote about how time spent in nature helps children mentally, physically, and emotionally in their article, Nature Nurtures Kids.  It gives children a chance to unwind without “screens” and helps them build a connection to nature that can last a lifetime.

At Camp Riverbend we are excited that we can be a part of teaching our campers about the natural world around us.  We hope that it helps them develop a respect for our environment that grows as they do.

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    This was last year’s Earth Day post, but it is still relevant today!!

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