Our answer to the question, “What did you do today?”

How often does this happen at your house? Your child gets off his or her bus after a busy day at Camp Riverbend, and after giving them a hug you ask the usual questions: “What did you do today?” and “What’s going on tomorrow?”  The answers are vague, at best:  swimming, played gaga, and the ever-favorite, nothing.  We want you, as parents, to have a way of knowing what went on during the day at camp, right at your fingertips.

That is one of the reasons you may have noticed that we have had more of a presence online as of late. We think it is a great way to share information about what’s happening as we prepare for the 2013 summer season.  Once camp begins, you can come to our facebook page and follow our twitter feed to keep abreast of daily happenings and special events.  Who has a cook out today?  What’s going on this Wacky Wednesday?  Today’s the Pancake Breakfast!   By checking in on facebook during the day, you can greet your camper and already have questions to ask them, such as: “How was the Counselor Talent Show today?” or “Tell me about the dog show.”   Of course, we will continue the e-mails that we are sure you depend upon, but we think being able to check in on facebook is a great option!

We have also been pinning like crazy!  Check out our Pinterest boards to see what has been grabbing our attention…new crafts, new recipes, camp gear…and let’s not forget GAGA!

So come join us, like our facebook page and follow us on twitter and pinterest.  Check back here for regular updates.  We hope you’re as excited as we are!

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