Getting Prepared for Summer Camp in New Jersey

With the weather getting warmer each day and school lessons coming to an end, your favorite New Jersey summer camp in Somerset County NJ, is gearing up for a fun filled summer! Preparation for this long awaited summer is necessary, and we at Camp Riverbend want to make sure you are ready to kick off this summer right. Making sure you have the right things packed for the fun filled day ahead of you is just as important as showing up, so here’s a checklist to get you on the right track:

  • The right backpack- A durable, big backpack to carry all the necessities is key to starting off your packing. Make sure your bag has a large compartment to fit items such as towels, extra clothes, etc, and other compartments are great to make sure you can find those smaller items with ease. A great feature to also have is a mesh water bottle pocket so your water is always in reach.
  • Clothes- On those hot summer days swimming is the #1 activity, and we’ve got 4 swimming pools, so pack a towel and bathing suit to cool off when you need. An even better idea is to wear your bathing suit under your clothes when you arrive so changing is a breeze, and you save space in your bag! Sometimes lunch spills, or arts and crafts get messy, so an extra pair of clothes are a great idea.
  • Necessities- These classic summer camp necessities have been a staple item to pack for years and include: sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles, lip balm with SPF, hand sanitizer, tissues, insect repellent, plastic bag (for wet bathing suits and towels)
  • Food and Drink- Water, water, water, and did we mention water? You can never have too much and when those mid summer temperatures start to skyrocket, keeping hydrated is very important! Along with keeping hydrated, making sure you have a healthy lunch so you can keep up with all the fun is key. Some of our favorite lunches at Camp Riverbend include watermelon, granola bars, cheese sticks, veggies and dip, or wraps. If you don’t want to pack lunch, we teamed up with Simply Gourmet Lunches to create a catered lunch program.

With all this new information you have it’s time to start preparing for camp. So what are you waiting for? Camp’s closer than you think!

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