How Working As a Counselor at NJ Day Camp is Better Than An Internship

Internships Vs. Camp

An article we came across online recently inspired us to share with you the benefits of the counselor experience:

Internships are a very valuable part of many young lives, for they introduce us to the work force and teach new lessons. Essentially, an internship provides the chance to be thrust in to the crazy environment they call the work force and to learn to adapt to its ways. The hope is that the values and ideals that come with working will be pitched, full speed ahead, at the rookie, and that he will be able to swing at it with confidence, getting all his strikes out of the way before the payroll is involved. Well this concept, when compared with camp is one that does not seem so crazy after all. Camp is an internship in itself, where everyday counselors are part of a community that cares for many customers at all hours of the day. It is a place where there is a leadership order, and where the new comer can experience the feeling of working his way to the top. Like an internship, the counselor learns many lessons and values of the workplace. Here’s the catch though: Camp is fun. That’s right, the hard work pays off in more ways than one, providing a counselor with experience and entertainment. For this reason, camp is the ULTIMATE internship, the crème de la crème of start up work experience. Bunks are far greater than offices, and it is almost guaranteed that there is nothing else out there like that which comes from being a counselor. So ditch the internship this summer, and consider the summer saved: Camp Riverbend is here to help!

Interested in being a camp counselor? Check out our Staff page for info and applications.

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