Bully Free Fun at New Jersey Day Camp

Students of all ages face a lot of challenges. Number one on many people’s list is Bullying. Bullying has always been a problem, but rates of bullying have increased dramatically over the last ten years. Schools have been working hard to combat the bullying epidemic through education and discipline. While they have often had much success, unfortunately bullying has moved outside the small realm of the playground and classrooms, and out in to the world. Bullying can happen anywhere – online, at the mall, or even at summer camp As you begin to prepare your child to attend Camp Riverbend this year, make sure to put in place some preventative bullying tools to ensure a positive experience for your camper.

1. Be Aware of Camp Policies: The first step toward preventing bullying is to be aware of the actions you can take should it occur. Understanding that Camp Riverbend has a no tolerance attitude toward bullying is important. Know that counselors and camp staff are prepared to take on any situations in which your child feels uncomfortable and correct them. Also be aware that there will be repercussions for bullies, which is a key idea to remember whether your child is the victim of bullying, or the cause. Through the American Camp Association, we keep current with the newest developments in camp safety and operations.  We are committed to keeping Camp Riverbend as safe and secure as possible.

2. Prepare campers for bullying situations: Knowledge is always the best weapon. If children know the signs of bullying, they will be more able to help fellow campers (or themselves) if they believe bullying is taking place. Equally critical is talking to kids about the importance of standing up against bullies, even if it might make them unpopular. Explain that doing the right thing is not always easy, but makes all the difference. At Camp Riverbend we are advocates for the equality of all campers, and believe that every single child has the right to an enjoyable summer. Ensuring that your child knows how to stop any unsafe or uncomfortable situations will help to create this enjoyment and equality. Understanding that it’s important to speak up if they see bullying, and having the confidence to do so, is one of the most essential tools a child can have.

Bullying is not a September to June activity. Bullying can be seen all over, including in camps. Camp Riverbend is committed to stopping bullying. Helping your child to know the signs, rules, and correct actions is one step in the bully-free direction.

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