Rainy Day Activities: Get Through Spring and on to Summer Camp!


The old saying, April showers bring May flowers is unfortunately or fortunately true (depending on how you look at). Before we can get to the May flowers, the June sun to follow, and Summer Camp Season at Camp Riverbend that follows all of it…we have to get through the rain. Just like here at camp, rain can put a damper on your plans, but fear not! We’ve come up with a list of some great rainy day activities you can do at home!

  1. Bake – Baking is a fun way to waste a few hours stuck in the house. Whip up your favorite treat such as brownies or cupcakes! Don’t have mix? Use our friend the Internet and look up a recipe from scratch! The process is guaranteed to keep you occupied for at least an hour and you’ll get a delicious reward!! Get creative with it, decorate until your heart is content!
  2. Dance Party – Get active! Just because you can’t run around outside, doesn’t mean you can’t be active! Put on your favorite songs and dance, dance, dance! A little rain can’t stop the dance party!
  3. Get Smart – No, we don’t mean watch the movie. We mean try some educational yet fun activities, like a puzzle! Challenge yourself to Sudoku or read a good book!
  4. Art Time – Make something unique that no one else has. Try a sun catcher for when the rainbow appears after the storm. Make something you can bring with you to camp, or even make a gift for you family members! One of our favorite crafts is the crayon painting. Just hot glue a pack of unwrapped crayons, in rainbow order, to a canvas and blow dry so that the wax melts down. It creates a beautiful piece of art! Crafting will help you keep busy all day (plus, the clean-up will kill some time too…)!
  5. Movie Marathon – Get some popcorn popped, dim the lights and create the most theater like atmosphere possible, then sit back and enjoy all your favorites! Try to mix it up, watch a comedy, then a romance, or a horror film!
  6. Get Creative – Remember when a cardboard box was the most entertaining object in the house? Take an old box and make a car out of it. Pitch a tent or build a fort out of the sheets in your room! Go on ‘crazy adventures’ in your tent or try pretending you are on a boat. In the land of make believe anything is possible!!
  7. Go Outside – Yes, we said it! Brave the great ‘storm’. Bundle up in your rain boots and umbrella and stomp around in the puddles! You can dance in the rain as well! Why not?

Go ahead, give a few of these a try! You’ll be busy all day long, and it may just become the best rainy day you’ve ever had!!! You can also use this time to talk about summer! We are excited about our upcoming summer camp season here at Camp Riverbend in New Jersey. So, while you’re planning, spend some time thinking about your summer at Camp Riverbend. We can’t wait until we get to have rainy day fun with all the campers!! If you haven’t registered for a summer camp session, register now!


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