The Benefits of Summer Camp for Children

Did you have the chance to attend summer camp as a child? If so, you know first hand about all the benefits of spending time at camp. Camp is a place to create memories and friendships that can last a lifetime. Maybe you are still in touch with some of your old camp friends?

If you did not have the opportunity to attend summer camp, you may question whether or not to bother sending your children. Camp Riverbend is a family-run camp that is 100% devoted to families! We believe in what we do, and strive to create an environment where kids can not only increase their self-esteem, and make new friends, but also have the chance to blossom!

At Camp Riverbend your children will get the chance to:

  • Unplug from technology and spend more time enjoying the outdoors! Camp Riverbend offers swimming, baseball, archery, soccer, hockey, ropes course, canoeing and more! (Check out all the great outdoor activities at Camp Riverbend)
  • Build their confidence, self-esteem, and courage! At Camp Riverbend we focus on confidence, not competition, which encourages children to try new things without the fear of judgement! Once they begin trying new things, they are also encouraged to try again! (Find out more about our Summer Camp Programs)

We could of course go on all day listing the benefits of camp, and we do encourage you as parents, and former campers to share with us your experiences!

If you’re still uncertain about camp, join us at our Open House on Sunday, January 27th!

Come sample Camp Riverbend’s awesome summer activities this winter! Games, crafts and lots more fun for kids and parents.

For prospective campers of all ages (3-14).
Meet Riverbend counselors and tour our camp grounds.

Free, RSVP required. Email to reserve your spot!

Like Camp Riverbend on Facebook to find out more about our upcoming Camp Events!

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