Using Camp Experiences in the Real World

Attending a summer camp is one of the many small joys of childhood and adolescence.   Enjoying summer in a fun environment is something that kids look forward to each year. However, many see it as a frivolous part of youth. This is in fact, entirely incorrect. The value of the camp experience is not limited to a specific time in the past, nor is it exclusive to a limited age group. Summer Camp leaves lasting impressions on each and every attendee, which can be carried in to the future. Among many proven benefits of the camp experience are enhanced relationship skills, employment skills, and development. For example, when a child starts out attending camp at a young age, they have not fully grown in to their personalities. Over time with the help of their camp friends, staff, and active experiences, they can discover who they are and mature in to their development as a person. This will also aid in their relationships, which can be formed while at camp as well. Being around children of their own age is a learning experience. To make friends and interact are both parts of a successful summer at camp, and learning to do so will help for the future. When a child starts out college or a new job, maybe they will remember their social occurrences at camp and be able to use those skills. A little time at camp can go a long way and instill many lasting values in a child.

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Camp Riverbend is happy and proud to be able to offer a wonderful environment for kids to have a fun and enriching summer! Read some of what our past camp families have to say about their Camp Riverbend experience, and get started with registration for a summer session at Camp Riverbend today! It’s never too early to sign you kids up for the summer of a lifetime!

Also, we have a number of winter sessions coming up to let you get at taste of what makes Camp Riverbend so wonderful! Be sure to join us!


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