Make Your Own Camp Riverbend Scrapbook

Snow days can be fun at first, but the more and more time you spend trapped in the house, the more you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else, like back at your favorite NJ summer camp (Reminder: Early Registration Discount Ends Dec. 31st. Register now for next summer and save!!!). So fight that feeling of being trapped and fill your time with a creative activity, like making a scrapbook!

A scrapbook can be the perfect place to keep all your dearest memories safe! They’re easy and fun to make, and you can easily kill a few hours deciding exactly which sticker to put next to your favorite photos, or which color border to use. And, no scrapbook is complete without a theme, so why not make one dedicated to highlights from this past summer at Camp Riverbend? Print pictures of your camp friends from over the summer, gather your arts and crafts projects, and select letters you received this summer. Maybe even consider adding your favorite camp song to the book! Then get your glue sticks, stickers, and creativity ready to make a beautiful camp scrapbook. What better way to spend a long winter day?

Of course feel free to share your scrapbook ideas with us and the rest of the Camp Riverbend family! And, we’d love to see some photos from a finished product!!

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