Another wonderful first day of camp!

Camp Riverbend opened this week for our 49th season!  After about an hour, looking out over the camp grounds, it seemed as if camp had never stopped since last year.   All the campers were busy swimming, playing, creating, singing and laughing.  As always, campers picked up their ice cream at the end of the day, draped their towels over the pool fence and jumped into the gaga courts.  By 10:30 am Monday, it could have been mid summer 2010 or early August 2002 or even a sunny day in July 1964.

We had a great week.  The weather cooperated, the new staff is fantastic, the Spray Park is a hit, the “Leap of Faith” is scary but fun and all is right in the Riverbend universe. 

Have a great fourth of July.  We can’t wait to start up again on Tuesday.

Is Camp Riverbend like the fictional village of Brigadoon?  A place in another dimension where lucky campers play all year long but to which most of us only have access a few weeks in the summer?  Hmmm……

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