Rain, Rain, Go Away! (well, not really…)

This has been quite the week of rain and more is projected in the next few days. Although we all think we’d prefer only sunny days, it’s important to remember how much we need the rain!

Rain nurtures our grass, trees and other plants. It keeps our wetlands sanctuary moist. It keeps the Passaic River flowing along, providing a home for fish and turtles and wading birds. Up closer to the Breene’s house, the rain is watering our lettuce, basil and tomato plants. All that pollen that made our allergies act up? The rain has been washing it out of the air. The rain water that lands on the ground today will slowly trickle down through the earth to reach the aquifer where our well water comes from. Eventually today’s rain will become the cool, clean water that comes out of our drinking fountains all summer long.

So when you are blaming the rain for keeping you stuck in the house, remember that today’s rain will make possible all our beautiful outdoor summer days!

40 more days until camp starts!

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