Congratulations to Mike and Jen on another Riverbend Wedding!

Last weekend longtime Riverbend counselors Mike Glackin and Jennifer Caldwell got married. Mike is head of a third grade boys group in the D Division and a teacher in his spare time while camp is closed. He’s famous around here for his group’s Marine-like cheers shouted at the tops of their lungs while walking between activities, and for his bagpipe playing at the counselor talent show. He has been an important part of camp for 7 years. Jen heads a 5th grade girls group in the E Division. She is famous as a director of several fabulous Drama Club productions. Jen has been a counselor at Riverbend since 2008 and also teaches when camp is not in session. They met at one of the Gaga pits at camp and have now joined the ranks of the many staff members who met their spouses while working at Riverbend. One of our most famous camp couples is co-owner and asst. director Roger Breene and his bride, F-Division Head Debbie Breene, who were married in 1979.

We are very happy that Jen and Mike planned their wedding so as not to conflict with the camp season. We look forward to welcoming them back this summer. Also in the pictures posted below you can see former counselors Brian Bigelow and Gwe Crawford, and current counselors Dave Smelko, Jimmy Thayer, Christina Corlett and Kelley Masterson.

Only 69 more days till camp!! Get ready!!

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